About us

Our forests, sea, land and unpolluted environment is gold of Latvia. We are one of the greenest countries in the world with untouched nature, bird songs, trees, meadows and white sand in the seashore. We respect environment and live in harmony with it.

Treeline is the family company in Latvia that creates interior and household objects from the high grade tree found in the forests of Latvia – ash-tree. In harmony between contemporary functionality, style and natural we have created a collection of ash-tree candlesticks “Candle Home” developed in classical, subtle style and supplemented with ceramic framing and covered with natural linseed oil and ash-tree vase collection “Flower Home” with glass framing and linseed oil covering. Balanced pattern of the wood fibre, beautiful flowers, enchanting scents and warmth of the candles will relax you, give aesthetic pleasure and create peaceful, contemplating and soulful mood in your house.

Users of Treeline products are wise people who value natural, premium materials and want to be surrounded by tasteful, functional things, they are individualities, followers of the natural (eco) movement, they understand and support products created with love and respect – hand-made…

Synergy of the beauty of nature, individuality and modern functionality is a jewel and value in our life. Vision of Treeline is presence of ecological and functional ash-tree products in every house. In our products you will find refined elegance, style and modern simplicity.